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The Name


The Branch started in 1954 by interested veterans of World War I, World War II, Boer War and Korea who hailed from Gatineau and the surrounding area; most of whom were employees of the Canadian International Paper Company (C.I.P.).


After a number of meetings, the Branch received its name and with the concurrence of the parents of the late Herbert Norris, one of the young men, who volunteered and died for his country in the Second World War.  The Branch was named in his memory.

The Beginning


Meetings first took place at the old community hall near the C.I.P. Company on Main Street, Gatineau, Quebec.  Following this, the Branch met at the Tecumseh Golf Club and the St-Jean-Marie Vianney Church Hall now known as the Gatineau Recreation Association.

The Founding Members


Candidates met in Buckingham, Quebec on 22 September 1954 where they were sworn in as full members.


The original Executive Committee consisted of:

President– Arthur Boudreau

 1st Vice President – Edward Cummings

 Secretary – Mike Lavelle

 Treasurer – Douglas MacLaurin

 Members of the Executive - James O’Farrell, Lucien Bergevin & Bill Wingrove

 Sergeant-At-Arms – Frank Wake

The Executive Committee along with the following members were the first members of the Branch


R. Allaire

R. Barbier

M. Baribeau

A. Baverstock

A. Bélanger

G. Bradley

G. Brisebois

G. Ceno

S. Cuillierier

J. De Carufel

C. Demers

B. Desrosiers

T. Duguay

J. Edwards

S. Ellis

M. Farbar Jr.

E. Gates

L. Gendron

J. Greene

G. Hall

G. Hannan

R. Huywan

V. Kehoe

E. Lambert

A. Lauzon

F. Mayer

H. McCarthy

J. Miller

A. Montigny

B. Murray

P. Nobert

A. Ouellette

B. Pigeon

J. Poulin

T. Rochon

B. Shields

H. Simpson

B. Webster

The Presidents of the Branch


1954 - 1956  A. Boudreau

1957 - 1958  E. Gates

1959 - 1962  J. Norris

1963 - 1964  W. Magnus

1965 - 1966  V. Kehoe

1967 - 1968  S.F. Cuillerier

1969 - 1970  R.C. Zwicker

1971 - 1975  N.V. Clohosy

1976             S.F. Cuillerier

1977 - 1978  R.C. Zwicker

1979 - 1985  R.J. Biron

1986 - 1988  R. Belhumeur


1989              J.H. Leclair

1990 - 1991   P.G. Radford

1992              N. Smith

1993              R. Belhumeur

1994              P. Gendron

1995 - 1999  C. Aubin-Lalonde


2000 - 2001  A. Chénier

2002 - 2003  W. Mellor

2004 - 2006  R. Doiron

2007 - 2012   P. Lalonde

2013 - 2015   G. Sanscartier

2016 -             P. Lalonde

Ladies Auxiliary

The Ladies Auxiliary was originally formulated and they held their first meeting on 22 May 1957 with the newly elected Executive Committee being installed at St. Georges Church, Gatineau, Quebec on 11 June 1957.  Marion Gallinger was the first Ladies Auxiliary President.


President - Marion Gallinger

First Vice-President - Laura Gates

Second Vice-President - Allison Simpson

Third Vice-President - Gertrude McMillan

Secretary - Marcella Bennet

Treasurer - Agnes Magnus

Sergeant-At-Arms - Marjorie Smart

The first chartered members included


Pauline Barbier

Joan Blanchard

Elizabeth Clifford

Florence Edwards

Mary Farber

Eva Laurin


Anita Leclair

Catherine McFaul

Mary Murphy

Joan Norris

Mabel Weatherdon

Presidents of the Ladies Auxiliary


1957               M. Gallinger

1958 - 1959  E. Henneberry

1960 - 1963  E. Deveau

1964              A. Magnus

1965 - 1966  J. Boyd

1967 - 1969  E. Deveau

1970 - 1971  L. Barbeau

1972 - 1973  B. McCarthy

1974 - 1977  E. Deveau

1978 - 1982  M. McCartin

1983 - 1984  C. Tessier

1985 - 1986  A. Cannon

1987 - 1988  H. Last

1989 - 1990  J. Duquette

1991 - 1992  L. Gaudreau

1993 - 1994  G. Ryan

1995 - 1996  C. Picard

The Cenotaph

In the heart of downtown Gatineau, at the corner of Maloney Boulevard and Notre Dame Street, a cenotaph was erected in 1964 to commemorate the citizens of Gatineau and area who served their country in times of conflict.  This monument was a joint effort involving the Municipality of Gatineau and the Norris (Quebec #227)  Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.


Click on this link to go to Gatineau City to learn more about our Cenotaph

Over the years the following members served on District 14 and Quebec Provincial Command


District #14 Outaouais


Joe Norris – Deputy Commander

 Bill Quinn – Deputy Commander

 Sylvio Cuillerier – Commander

 Raymond Zwicker – Commander and Treasurer

 N.V. Clohosy – Commander

Robert Biron – Commander, Vice-Commander, Treasurer and Secretary

 Beverley Aubin – Secretary

 Francine Mellor – Secretary

 Carole Aubin-Lalonde – Deputy Commander and Commander

 Régis Doiron – Treasurer

 George Sanscartier –  Deputy Commander and Commander

Lucie Sanscartier - Deputy Commander

Quebec Provincial Command


N.V. Clohosy – Chairman, Vice-President and President

R.C. Zwicker – Executive Officer and Legion Magazine Correspondent

 C. Aubin-Lalonde – Legion Magazine Correspondent and Vice-President